We were waiting for it during the whole season and now it went by so fast! The city of Ermelo in the Netherlands had the pleasure to host the FEI Vaulting European Championships for Seniors 2019 and the FEI Vaulting World Championships for Juniors 2019 at the same time. We were cheering for our Vaulting World ambassador Sydney Schimack (USA) who was competing as individual and as squad member.

> FEI Vaulting European Championships for Seniors 2019

Austria and France challenged Germany at its best in almost all 4 categories.

> Squads

There was very little between the two first squads but this time it was Austria who got crowned with 8.533. Germany, represented by Team Ingelsberg was not too far with a final score of 8.520 and a freestyle full of latin power! We also have to mention their second round scored 9.059! The French squad Noroc performed with their creative style, as always, but without Quentin Jabet who has been injured for a few weeks now. They scored 8.390 and got the third place. 

> Individuals

After the compulsory test, the ranking for the female category was very tight: 8 vaulters scored above 8, with Katharina Luschin (AUS) in the lead and she made it! Katharina, interpreting Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones was sacred European Champion, scoring 8.827 after her four perfect rounds. The boxing girl Janika Derks (GER) got the second place with 8.636 and closed her great international season with another medal on her neck. Jasmin Lindner (AUT) made it to the podium too, even after several recent injuries (on her left foot and her sacrum): she scored 8.473 with a big smile on her face. 

The Unidentified Flying Object Lambert Leclezio (FRA) won the championship with an incredible 9.001 as final score. Jannik Heiland (GER), alias the Genie from Aladdin finished second with 8.845, followed by his friend Thomas Brüsewitz (GER) who took the bronze medal (8.378).

Katharina Luschin (AUS) / Photo: Arjen van der Spek

> Pas-de-Deux 

This season has been led by the two German monsters of their category: Chiara Congia & Justin van Gerven from Team NORKA, and Janika Derks & Johannes Kay from Team Neuss. The final show was as beautiful as expected, and the gold went to the first pair Chiara & Justin with 8.943. Janika & Johannes finished the championship with 8.537. The Austrian pair who took the third place did really well too: Eva Nagiller & Romana Hintner scored 8.296.

Chiara Congia & Justin van Gerven (GER) / Photo: Arjen van der Spek

> Nations’ Cup

The French team won the Nations’ Cup with a total score of 26.619, and thanks to Vincent Haennel (8.412), Lambert Leclezio (9.246) and Team Noroc (8.961) who showed that they are definitely an extremely tough competitor in freestyle. 

Team Noroc (FRA) / photo: Arjen van der Spek

The second step of the podium went to Austria (26.372), with Katharina Luschin competing both as individual and as squad member. She scored 8.940. Jasmin Lindner, the agile insect, showed a clear round with 8.700. The squad got a score of 8.732. 

Germany (26.139) was not as strong as expected this time but still got the bronze medal. The nation was represented by Jannik Heiland (9.066), Thomas Brüsewitz (8.234) who committed a mistake right after his risky and unique inverted flic flac, and Team Ingelsberg (8.839).

> FEI Vaulting World Championships for Juniors 2019

Germany won all the gold medals at stake, and showed that the nation is leading the way for juniors.

> Individuals

Mona Pavetic (GER), also coming from Team Neuss got the world champion title with a final score of 8.402. The Swiss team left the competition with the two other medals here: Danielle Bürgi (8.382) and Samira Garius (8.160), who were competing on the same horse showed their best and got rewarded for that. 

The male category was taken by Jannik Liersch (GER), followed by the Swiss Sven Ris (7.848) and his compatriot Julian Kögl (GER) who finished with 7.607.

Mona Pavetic (GER) / Photo: Fotoina

> Squads

Team Neuss was representing Germany (8.040) here and they won the world championships after a fight: Austria was leading after the first round, but the second round changed everything with an incredible score of 8.543 for Neuss, including 3 scores above 9. We will remember the happiness of Pauline Riedl who is both coach and lunger of the squad. The Austrian squad finished with a total score of 7.972, after having a fall on Saturday in the last part of their freestyle. The American squad (7.740), coming from Colorado and coached by Christoph Lensing himself and Jodi Rinard didn’t travel for nothing as they got the bronze medal and showed to the vaulting world that the USA are definitely a strong country, even performing on a rented horse. 

> Pas-de-Deux

The German pair Ronja Kähler/ Julian Kögl (8.703) added to their titles the best junior Pas-de-Deux in the world after showing two beautiful rounds. They had a head start after the first round and didn’t let any chance to Switzerland to challenge them. Anja Schneider / Louisa Ryf got the silver medal with 8.146 as total score. The bronze went to another German pair: Anna Löw / Fabian Pentrop (8.091). 

Ronja Kähler/ Julian Kögl (GER) / Photo: Fotoina

A special mention to our Vaulting World ambassador Katie Henderson (GBR) who participated with Kerri Brylka and finished on 6th place with 7.691.

Congratulations to all new champions and to Sydney Schimack (USA), our Vaulting World ambassador for her great results in this FEI Vaulting World Championships for Juniors: She was part of the squad and finished 10th of her individual category with 7.580.

Sydney Schimack and the junior team USA / Photo: Arjen van der Spek

We hope all of you enjoyed your time being there, see you next year for a new season! You can find the detailed results of these two championships on www.vaultingresults.com