Sydney Schimack


I wish to support the Vaulting World community because of their encouragement on connecting vaulters globally and developing relationships between clubs that are thousands of miles apart. I love that Vaulting World shares news of not only the best vaulters in the world but also developing nations and people who need support, and I wish to encourage such a dedicated and friendly community.


About Sydney

> Club/Country: Summit Equestrian Vaulters/United States Of America
> Age: 16
> Occupation/Studies: Student/STEM (science, technology, engineering, math… I’m more so on the science side and working towards medicine in college)
> Achievements in Vaulting:
Silver is like juniors, copper is like beginning canter) 2017: Silver 1st National Highpoint Silver Zone Award (1st, our region) Bronze 2nd National Highpoint Bronze Overall National Champion Bronze 1st USEF Overall Bronze Zone Award (1st, our region) Junior 2* 10th Overall 2016: Copper Reserve National Champion Copper 5th National Highpoint