Order your Vaulting World Calendar 2024 now! It contains the best images we took this season, e.g. at the World & European Championships 😍

Vaulting World is a global community whose goal is to support and promote vaulting. Vaulting means performing gymnastic exercises on a horseback.

We are currently running this website including a blog and our social media channels, on which we regularly publish articles about news, events, products, training tips and inspiring vaulters.

We have also released a vaulting calendar with our best photos of each year and offer photography services for vaulting events, vaulting teams and everyone interested in a photo shoot.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to collaborate somehow or give us any feedback.

Now: Team Vaulting World


Founder & CEO

Vaulting Trainer
Marketing Manager


Photographer & Business Partner

Vaulting newbie
Sales Manager


Februar 2023
5 Years Vaulting World

Vaulting World celebrates its 5th anniversary.

Februar 2023
August 2022
World Championships 2022

Finally, we are able to cover a major event again after the Corona pandemic.

August 2022
Oktober 2021
New: Vaulting Festival

Together with PerformYourBest the fist Vaulting Festival takes place.

Oktober 2021
Oktober 2019
Bye, Sophie!

Sophie leaves the team because of lack of time.

Oktober 2019
Februar 2019
Hello, Daniel!

Daniel joins our team as exclusive photographer and business partner.

Februar 2019
September 2018
WEG Tryon 2018

The VW Team travels to the USA to cover the biggest event so far.

September 2018
Januar 2017
VW Marketplace

The first international marketplace for vaulting products and services is launched.

Januar 2017
Dezember 2017

Vaulting World is founded by Caro & Sophie in Madrid, Spain.

Dezember 2017

The beginnings: Vaulting World Founders

Why Vaulting World?

We, Caro and Sophie, met for the first time in Madrid in 2013, during the International Vaulting Summer Camp organized by Ararat Martin Ruiz. We are friends since that day and shared the same passion for vaulting forever.

The idea came up because we both observed that something was lacking in the Vaulting World: a single place where we could exchange ideas, tips and products from all around the globe. We decided to start this project together in order to connect vaulters from anywhere and to help our beautiful sport growing.


I started vaulting with 9 years old in Normandy, France. I grew up with a vaulting spirit and made friends all around the world: France, Czech Republic, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, USA.

I graduated in 2015 from emlyon business school, France. Equestrian sports are part of my professional life as I used to be part of the Organizing Committee of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014, as Sponsorship Manager. I also worked for CWD as Global Marketing and Communication Manager.

I moved to Spain in 2017 to start this project with Caro, where I used to work for Marcus Evans Group, as Sales Team Leader, and for Madrid Horse Week as Sponsorship & Marketing Manager.

I currently live in France.


I started vaulting in a small club in Heidelberg, Germany, when I was a kid. Since then, vaulting has always formed a part of my life. As an individual vaulter I achieved the first place at the Spanish Championship 2015 and 2016. I could also gain international experience as a trainer of teams and individuals in Germany and Spain.

I studied Intercultural Management and Communication in Germany and moved to Madrid in 2014. Until 2018 I worked in the field of online marketing and business development in Spain. After moving back to Germany I started working as Marketing and Event Manager at an equestrian company. During my professional career I gained experience in front-end development, graphic design, web design, business strategy, customer support, social media, PR activities and translations.