This was an intense vaulting weekend, with two events: the CVI MasterClass Wiesbaden 2019, Germany and the CVI in Bern, Switzerland. Find some impressions and the results in this article.

> CVI MasterClass Wiesbaden 2019

The Vaulting World team was in Wiesbaden to enjoy the show and one of the most beautiful arenas, just in front of the castle. This edition was 100% German, as no foreign competitors joined due to the fact that other important competitions took place like CVI Bern. The starters had two rounds of freestyle in this competition format:

Team Nordheim easily won the competition, honoring Abba on their black horse Humphrey Bogart 6. They finished the CVI with 8.325 much higher than other squads: Team Köln II (7.572) with a Tarzan theme, and Team Altena (7.321). Nordheim’s lunger was Kai Vorberg, but it was an exceptional situation as their usual lunger Andrea Blatz got sick and was unable to attend the competition.

Team Nordheim
Team Nordheim
Photo: Fotoina

We saw two Pas-de-Deuxs only, nevertheless the winning pair shined with a performance and scored 8.531 in the second round on Sunday, and a final score of 8.207. Diana Harwardt & Peter Künne were interpreting Peter Pan with a great fluidity. Anne Schlumbohm & Melanie Eger from Team Nordheim showed a freestyle about two Charleston ladies from the 20’s (7.708).

The winner in the male category was Jannis Drewell, in the skin of the British ski jumper Eddie the Eagle. He was vaulting on Fabiola W (905), lunged by Alexandra Knauf (8.603). Viktor Brüsewitz was leading the competition after the first round but he lost his position because of a mistake doing his famous and very own dismount (8.362). Viktor inspired himself of the Ninja Warrior TV show, in which he was a finalist in Germany. Batman was not far away from the Ninja Warrior: Gregor Klehe got a final score of 8.355.

Jannis Drewell
Photo: Fotoina

Regarding the female category, the top 3 was the following: Jolina Ossenberg-Engels, alias Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (8.288), Alina Roß (8.184) with her Inception theme, and Diana Harwardt (8.009).

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> CVI3* Bern 2019

Team Noroc (FRA) showed their freestyle with new catsuits, an additional touch to their deeply artistic and innovative performance.  Their theme is about a group of captive people seeking to extricate themselves from a chasm. The French team finished the CVI with 7.894. Lütisburg (SUI) took the second place on Rayo de la Luz, not too far from Noroc: 7.609. And another Swiss team ranked on the podium: Tösstal Elite 1 scored 6.885.

The Pas-de-Deux gold medal was taken by Eva Nagiller & Romana Hintner from Austria, with a final score of 8.289. They were followed by the local pair Zoe Maruccio & Syra Schmid (SUI), who ended with 7.941.

Jasmin Lindner (AUS) got the gold (8.239) on Dr. Doolittle 5 and showed that she is back in the game as an individual. She was followed by the Swiss Nadja Büttiker (7.998) and her Austrian compatriot Eva Nagiller. The two Austrian girls were competing on the same horse, and Eva finished very close to Nadja with 7.976.

Lambert Leclezio (FRA) and Juan Martin Clavijo (COL) fought again in Bern: Lambert got no score under 9 in his freestyle and widened the gap in the third round, finishing with 8.798. The Colombian star took the silver medal, with 8.347. Julian Wilfling (GER) ranked on the third step of the podium, with a final score of 7.980.

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We are looking forward to see the next competitions of the season.