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Vaulting Competitions 2024

The vaulting season 2024 is about to start and we have listed a monthly overview of international vaulting competitions 2024 for you.
As we stand on the cusp of the upcoming vaulting season, vaulting enthusiasts worldwide are preparing for a journey filled with captivating performances and intense sporting rivalries. To provide a comprehensive guide to the equestrian vaulting landscape in 2024, we present a monthly overview of key international competitions. This blog post aims to be your informative compass, navigating through the diverse events worldwide that promise to define the vaulting world in the coming year.

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Herning 2022: Pas de Deux Finals & Nations Cup

On the last vaulting day in Herning we had the pleasure to watch the second round and thus the final round of the Pas de Deux freestyles. Last but not least, eight nations participated in the Nations Cup, in which two individuals and one squad of each nation performs their freestyles again.

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