Jan Hablovic will compete at the FEI World Vaulting Male Championships for the Czech Republic. Get to know him in our mini interview!

1. Please describe yourself in three words.

> Peaceful

> Open-minded

> Passionate

2. Who are your team members?

Me – Libuše Hablovičová (mom) – Condor (horse)

3. How did you experience the qualification process? What were your challenges on the way to the Championships?

This year was a bit different because I spend a semester in UK so I couldn’t practice and also close to CVI in Samorin I Injured my ankle so I had to skip but I did my best to prepare and I hope I can still show some good routines.

4. What was your best (or funniest) vaulting moment? 

Well I do vaulting for about 17 years so a lot of things happened along the way but this year at CVI in Kaposvar I did a beautiful dismount when I ended up on my butt so that was pretty funny to me 😀

5. What do you expect from the World Championships 2022? What are your goals?

I have never been too competitive so after all the hard work the Championschips are just the cherry on the top of the cake for me so I just want to have a great time, see everyone again and do my best on the horse.

6. What’s your freestyle theme 2022 and why?

My freestyle is inspired by the music “This floors and tall ceilings” which to me is about overcoming fear and insecurity that everyone fights.