Jannik Heiland will compete at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon 2018 for Germany. Get to know him in our mini interview!

About Jannik

Discipline: Individual

Nationality: German

Achievements in Vaulting:

2nd European Championships for Juniors 2010

German Champion Juniors 2010

3rd FEI World Cup 2016/2017

German Champion Seniors 2012

3rd German Championships 2017

3rd FEI World Cup 2017/2018

1st CVI Wiesbaden

1st CVI Krumke

2nd CHIO Aachen 2018

1. Please describe yourself in three words.

> Ambitious

> Even-Tempered

> Humorous

2. What was your best (or funniest) vaulting moment?

It´s really hard to say because there are so many funny vaulting moments I share with people, especially with Thommy&Vik 😉

3. What do you expect from the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018?

Great time with the whole Team as well as four harmonious and satisfactory rounds.

4. What’s your freestyle theme 2018 and why?

The Pianist.

Enjoy his freestyle from this season:

This or That?

> Freestyle

vaulting training

> Horse Training

vaulting training

> Flexibility

freestyle vaulting

> 1.20 Minutes

vaulting competition

> Poker Face

vaulting pants

> Colorful

technical test vaulting

> Lower Arm Stand


> Vaulting Training

vaulting horses

> Horse