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VW Growth

Vaulting Team Brazil: A new beginning after WEG 2018

After the successful participation of the Brazilian team at the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 in Tryon some of the members of the Vaulting Team Brazil quit and so the team had to start all over. Now they have found together as a new team and have great goals for this season! Read more about their journey in this article.

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Vaulting in Turkey

Vaulting in Turkey has recently developed and we have talked to Team Extopia from Istanbul. Get to know the team around Tolga Akar and their amazing work to make vaulting more popular!

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Vaulting in Ukraine

Vaulting is still a very small sport, but it looks like a new country got into the community: Ukraine! The development of our beautiful discipline largly rest on personal initiatives such as opening a new club, educating people interested in vaulting with clinics, or many other options to make the community bigger and bigger. But can you imagine how is it to get started with vaulting from scratch in a new country? How is it possible to grow such a project in an environment where people have no clue of what we do and how?
We have talked to Anthony Bro-Petit about his experiences in Ukraine!

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The Latin American Vaulting Forum – first edition

The first Latin American Vaulting Forum took place in Bogotá, Colombia from the 23rd to the 26th of January 2020. It was a four-days event organized for judges and coaches, vaulters and anyone else interested in the sport. The goal of the Forum was to develop the discipline in Latin American countries. 

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Vaulting in South Africa

South Africa is looking for a motivated vaulting coach for the next months! We have talked to Chelsey Gertenbach to know how vaulting in South Africa is like and what you can expect there!

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Vaulting in Russia: An extraordinary example of team spirit

Unfortunately, the Russian team wasn’t very lucky at last year’s FEI European Championships in Austria. They had problems getting visas to enter the EU and finally decided to compete with 5 instead of 6 vaulters. And if that wasn’t enough, they had troubles with their horse and couldn’t perform their freestyle rounds. However, the past is gone and now they are looking forward to the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018!

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