Luxembourg is one of the smallest vaulting nations, but they are doing a great job to be able to compete at an international stage sometimes. We have talked to Laura Thill, member of the only vaulting team in Luxembourg „Volti-Team Lëtzebuerg“ about their plans and progress.

There is only one official vaulting team in Luxembourg that takes part in competitions. However, in some clubs they do vaulting for therapeutic purposes or as an introduction to horse riding. The club „Volti-Team Lëtzebuerg“ counts 21 active vaulters at the moment.

Réiser Päerdsdeeg

Unfortunately, many people don’t even know about the team and vaulting in general. So they  promote the sport by going to events such as the „Réiser Päerdsdeeg“ or doing shows to make the discipline more popular in the country:

“We would love to have more vaulters in Luxembourg.”

The team is quite young, it’s the second season they successfully compete in the German level A in canter with 7 members from the age of 8 to 21 years old. 3 members of the team also compete as individuals in different levels. Another team of the club competes in the German level E in canter with 7 members. The third team with members from 6 to 12 years competes in walk/canter. All teams have been very successful this season and are more than satisfied with the development.

Volti-Team Letzebuerg

Since there are no competitions in Luxembourg yet, they have to cross the border and compete at German regional competitions. But the plan is definitely to start organizing their own national competitions, probably next year.

Vaulting Luxembourg

The National Federation supports the team and their plans as they have noticed the good development and the interest in the sport. With shows and events the „Volti-Team Lëtzebuerg“ tries to get more and more attention and to convince the Federation to support them more.

A lack is definitely that there are no other teams in Luxembourg to exchange experiences and knowledge. But since the German border is close, they often work with German coaches and organize workshops with external trainers to progress. Additionally, they visit clinics in Germany as for example the summer camp of PSG Zweibrücken. It’s a great way to learn and help each other with challenges and questions:

“I like that we work that well together and they help us when we have problems or questions from now and then.”

Almost every year they also organize an event for the German diplomas needed to compete as an individual for example. For this occasion they use to invite German judges.

In the future, they would love to compete internationally representing Luxembourg starting with some individuals. And Laura’s goal is to compete at least at one CVI, just for the experience, regardless of the result, representing a Luxembourgish club.

Voltigieren Luxemburg