Venture with us into the heart of Latin American vaulting as we anticipate the upcoming III Latin American Vaulting Forum. Much like the inaugural edition, this unique gathering transcends the competitive arena, offering a closer look at the world of vaulting in Latin America. Organized by passionate volunteers, the forum serves as a celebration of growth, collaboration, and the shared dedication that defines the Latin American vaulting community.

In the heart of Bogotá, Colombia, from the 23rd to the 26th of January 2020, the inaugural Latin American Vaulting Forum unfolded as a four-day event. Designed for judges, coaches, vaulters, and anyone passionate about the sport, the forum marked a pivotal moment for Latin American vaulting.

The first forum welcomed participants with open arms, drawing 31 individuals, including judges, trainers, and vaulters, from six different countries. Among them was Alejandra Orozco, a Mexican vaulter who not only made history as the first from her nation to compete internationally but has since ascended to become an FEI 2* Judge and NF vaulting representative.

Now the Latin American Vaulting Forum is gearing up for its third edition. This unique gathering, set apart from the competitive arena, unites coaches, judges, vaulters, lungers, and enthusiasts with a shared goal – fostering the growth and development of vaulting. Organized by a dedicated group of volunteers, the forum is a testament to the passion and commitment within the Latin American vaulting community.

Save the Date III Forum Latinoamericano de Volteo 2024

As we prepare to embark on the journey of the III Latin American Vaulting Forum, check out the origins of this transformative event in our blog article The Latin American Vaulting Forum – first edition.

What is The Latin American Vaulting Forum? What’s its goal?

The goal is to reunite as many coaches, judges, vaulters, lungers and vaulting lovers without the environment of competition. Our goal is to be able to discuss common issues, have lecturers talking about the most necessary topics, addressing the basics: biomechanics, horse training, horse knowledge, horsemanship, all that we need to have, in order for our discipline to grow and flourish with a strong base.

Throwback to 2020

III Forum Program and Participation

As the program for the third edition takes shape, details will soon be available to the public. Open to anyone interested in vaulting, the forum welcomes participants from all walks of the vaulting community. Lecturers and experts, predominantly English speakers, will provide valuable insights, with live Spanish translation for accessibility.

Throwback to 2020

Lessons from the First Forum

The goal of the first Forum was to start working in a Unified Latin American Rules, to cover the levels below the FEI levels, as well as sections on how to organize courses for trainers, judges, lungers, competitions, and fun activities, developing as much as possible an awareness of the importance of the horse. The highlight of the 1st Forum was the presence of DrVet Gerd Heuschmann (GER) that gave us so much on the horse biomechanics, so people could understand the importance of correct training. A lot of theory and a lot of practice with the horses. The first forum had participation from Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Panamá.

Latin American Vaulting Forum
Throwback to 2020

FEI Solidarity Program’s Role

The FEI Solidarity Program stands as a key supporter, aiding the forum through the Organizing National Federation. Specific programs for coaches and judges, such as the Coaching System and ESEE (Equestrian Sports Educative Events), contribute to the overall development of vaulting in Latin America.

Vaulting’s Growth Amidst Challenges

Each country has had its own growth rhythm, some like Mexico have had an exponential growth the past two years and others like Colombia have been able to organize two CVIs a year for the past few years. With the pandemic a lot of Latin American countries had a bit of a setback with cancelled classes and competitions until we each found different ways to adjust with virtual trainings and home workouts. Some countries in Latin America had more demand for vaulting because it is an outdoor sport. There was a silver lining with the way the community came together in chats, virtual rooms and exchanging information to help each other and create a tighter community within Latin America as well as worldwide.

Next Steps for the Forum and Latin American Vaulting

For now, we believe that the basics for the exercises, biomechanics, horse training, selection and caring of the vaulting horse, horsemanship and adjustment of tack are the subjects that are most needed in our communities. The goal for the next few years is to organize the Forum every year or at the most every 2 years, and as we grow, be able to include more lecturers at the same time so people could choose from different subjects. We would love to reach more countries and to have attendees from countries in Latin America and beyond. One of our goals is to grow the number of attendees from other disciplines.


The III Latin American Vaulting Forum promises to be a cornerstone event, contributing to the continued evolution of vaulting in the region. As the community gathers to share knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm, the Latin American vaulting scene is poised for further growth, strengthening its bonds and presence on the global stage.