We are very happy to work with motivated Vaulting World Editors who support us in our content creation! 
Vaulting World wouldn’t work without the help of great people who support us with their incredible knowledge.

Debbie Kruizinga

Nationality: Dutch
Age: 21
Profession: Student of Translation at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Her Vaulting History:
My vaulting story started when I was 12 and my sister started doing vaulting at vaulting club De Eenhoorn, I got curious and wanted to try for myself and I immediately fell in love with it. Since then even though I do not actively train vaulting anymore it is a passion that runs through my blood.

Her motivation to be a Vaulting World Editor:
I was really interested in interviewing vaulters and writing about vaulting, I wanted to know what was behind these one minute individual freestyles or the effortless looking team performances. Learning to write articles, and work with really cool people.

Her favorite vaulting topics:
Vaulting in the Netherlands, this could be about anything interviewing the trainers, vaulters, lungers, judges, anyone who is involved.