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National Levels: A comparison of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain

On an international level it’s not that difficult to compare the skills of vaulters since the FEI sets the rules. However, every country has still its own set of regulations when it comes to national championships. If you wonder what is your level in another country, you can find the answer right here: we have made a summary of the compulsories of the competition levels of 5 different countries for you: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain.

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3 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You – Yoga

Yoga is defined as an art, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. By practicing different yoga techniques you can improve your flexibility, balance, strength, especially core strength and your inner peace and focus: actually all the skills you need to be a good vaulter, too! So, why don’t you try out some yoga exercises once in awhile to vary your training routine?

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DIY Hack: Make your own telescope whip (≈ 5 – 35 €)

If you don’t live in a German speaking country or in a country where equestrian vaulting has already become a more or less developed discipline, it might be difficult to get adequate vaulting material. Vaulting whips for example are quite expensive and difficult to transport. In the following we will show you how we made our own telescope whip with little money.

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Vaulting Wiki

You are going to an international training camp, the Vaulting World Championships or the Vaulting European Championships and are still lacking some vaulting vocabulary? We have the solution for you: our Vaulting Wiki! We have prepared the translations of the most important vaulting terms in English, German, French and Spanish.

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Mindset & Performance: Mental training for vaulters

As we all know, mental strength and concentration are crucial during competitions. Very few vaulters train mentally, but it is a very important point to perform: You have only a few seconds to convince the judges, so better be focused! But how can you improve your concentration? How to deal with enormous pressure? Read More