You are looking for great holiday, but don’t want to miss out training? Then the summer vaulting camp at Voltigeklubben Thommysminde in Jutland, Denmark, might be a perfect option!

The camp runs from the 29th of June to the 3rd of July.

General information

The very first summer vaulting camp started back in 2013, where it was mostly Danish participants. The camp was founded and created by the club’s trainers and of course owner and head coach Lasse Kristensen.

Now the biggest group, from one country, is still Denmark. For Danes, it is very close and of course, a lot of national teams are participating themselves. To look at a wider perspective, then the number of Danish participants is maybe 30 %. The rest is from other countries. There is always a great number of Aussies, Americans, and Finnish vaulters. Also, vaulters from Norway, Sweden, and The Netherlands have participated in the camp.

The camp is for everyone who wishes to have a great time, with lots of vaulting and the rare opportunity to get coached by the best of the best!

Who are the coaches?

So far, the coaches of this year’s camp will be Lukas Heppler from Switzerland, Stefan Csandl from Austria, Daniel Kaiser from Germany and Rikke Laumann from Denmark. They are working on getting more coaches, but they can’t reveal who it is yet!

Who can participate?

There are no limitations regarding the vaulters’ level – everyone participating will be there to develop and have fun, and of course, the activities are adapted to every vaulter.

Trainers and lungers are invited, too! Everyone participating has the possibility to bring their own horse. There is also the possibility to rent a horse and lunger, for vaulters who are not able to bring their own.

For the trainers and lungers, there will be extra training modules where they, for example, will learn about the physics of a horse, vaulting from a judge’s perspective, fall technics and much more!

Will you do other leisure activities?

Apart from training sessions there are also a lot of additional fun activities. Just to mention a few, there will be parkour and physical training in the program.

During the day the idea is to ensure that no one is bored, so there will be small activities during the day, which will be voluntary.

Where do you stay?

The participants bring a tent or a camper to stay in, which creates a nice environment and a great feeling about it being a real camp.
There are also indoor rooms for participants with certain needs of that or if people are not able to bring tents or a camper.  

Staying in a tent is free, bringing a camper has a small cost.

What does it cost?

For participating in the camp, then the price changes from the number of vaulters you bring “in your team” – Of course, it’s not just teams participating – the camp is open for everyone, but it will be more expensive to only be two on a horse, than 6. For 6 vaulters it will be 1550 DKK (about 210 euros), before the 1st of May.

Included are:

3 meals every day and small snacks during the day.

1h of barrel training

1h of horse training

1h of another kind of activity

Gala-dinner the last night, with a big show!

It is possible to pay for more hours.

A typical day at the camp

A typical day would be a morning run (everyone runs a small tour together), then breakfast. Before lunch it would be very likely you had your barrel practice of that day, then lunch. After lunch, your schedule could say that you needed to do parkour or horse training. Then it’s dinner time and in the evening, there will always be a camp fire (except if the weather doesn’t allow it), or you could watch a movie together with other vaulters. Sometimes there is a night-run as well, but this year’s exact program cannot be revealed yet, so stay tuned!

If you would like to join the Vaulting Camp at Voltigeklubben Thommysminde, you can contact them here.