Yoga is defined as an art, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. By practicing different yoga techniques you can improve your flexibility, balance, strength, especially core strength and your inner peace and focus: actually all the skills you need to be a good vaulter, too! So, why don’t you try out some yoga exercises once in awhile to vary your training routine?

We have selected 3 Instagram accounts for you that will definitely motivate you to start practicing yoga!

@cyogalab@cyogalab: Carmen is a yoga teacher posting inspiring and advanced yoga poses on a daily basis. Are you able to do some of them? Have a try and challenge yourself



@tditty2@tditty2: This yogi from Chicago publishes fun pics doing yoga and fitness. Her moves are easier to try so you don’t have any excuse!  





@susievanessayoga: A yoga teacher based in LA. She shares beautiful shots and videos of individual or partner yoga exercises. We are sure you will have fun with those exercises.



Do you follow some interesting and inspiring accounts you want to share with the Vaulting World? Let us know!