If you don’t live in a German speaking country or in a country where equestrian vaulting has already become a more or less developed discipline, it might be difficult to get adequate vaulting material. Vaulting whips for example are quite expensive and difficult to transport. In the following we will show you how we made our own telescope whip with little money.

What do you need?

  • Leather or rubber thong. For example from Sattlerei Meinecke or Ute Bächer. Maybe you can find something similar at a local store. Be creative! Or if you broke your whip – that was our case – keep the thong of the broken whip and recycle it.
  • A telescopic fishing rod. We used one from Decathlon, which costs only 5 €!
  • Adhesive tape for the grip.

How does it work?

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Attach the thong to the fishing rod and wrap some tape around the lower part of the rod to have better grip. And done!

It’s really easy and the self-made whip is even lighter than the ones you can buy at vaulting stores. Give our vaulting DIY hack a try and tell us how it worked out!