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Train Like…

Stefan Csandl: Candidate for the FEI Vaulting Representative Elections

Stefan Csandl is one of the most successful Austrian vaulters representing his nation at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon 2018 together with his PDD partner Theresa Thiel. He’s also an individual vaulter and team member of UVT Eligius. Love and passion for vaulting made him candidate for the elections as FEI Vaulting Representative. His goals are to make vaulting more accessible, safer and fairer. Read more about his mission in our interview!

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Claire de Ridder

 Claire de Ridder is one of the candidates for this year’s election as Vaulting Athletes Representative. She’s been an internationally active and successful vaulter for 20 years. We have spoken to her about her trainings, plans for this competition season and vision as candidate for the FEI Athletes Election.

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Silvia Stopazzini

Silvia Stopazzini competes in all three categories – Individual, Pas-de-Deux and Squad – and has been more than successful this season. As one of the best Italian vaulters at the moment she won the FEI World Cup and the European Championships 2017 together with her partner Lorenzo Lupacchini. Read on and train like the European Champion!

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