Vaulting is much more than a sport or a leisure for many of us, it is our lives. We were curious to know what retired vaulters do with their life after quitting the competition circuit. That’s how we discovered the incredibly inspiring life of Anne-Sophie Musset (FRA) who is also a candidate for the FEI Vaulting Representative Elections.

About Anne-Sophie

Current city: Paris (suburbs)

Occupation: “Slasher”* (Brief Therapy/Mental Coach/Starting a company about environmental business/Actuary)

*Slasher: this term refers to people who cumulates multiple professional activities

Achievements in vaulting

Anne-Sophie Musset used to be one of the top French female vaulters still a few years ago: 11 times French champion from 1994 to 2015, she also shined internationally and took the 3rd place in the Final of the FEI World Cup in 2012 in Bordeaux, and ended 8th at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy.

During several years she used to be in the top 10 of the global female ranking.

What does Anne-Sophie today?

After only two years out of the competitions, Anne-Sophie is keeping an impressive pace in her professional life and her example shows us how much vaulting impacts our lives:

“Stopping vaulting led me to think deeply about the meaning of my life and especially the job in which I flourished in parallel of vaulting for 10 years: Actuarial. A number of events and signs led me to radically change perspectives. I chose to organize my personal and professional life around my passions and convictions.”

Anne-Sophie is passionate about humans and the mind, so she just started as Mental Trainer/Brief Therapy thanks to her high-level sportswoman background. To do so, she got a diploma in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and sophrology.

“This way, I have a link with my second passion, sport! But also with children, which echoes another belief I have about education. My new activity allows me to reconnect with sports and Vaulting in particular by supporting vaulters so they find their tools to go after their goals and dreams!

Photo: Fritsch-trébus Viviane

To get in touch with Anne-Sophie for Mental Coaching, here is her website:

The insatiable French woman also started her own company, focused on the circular economy and short circuits.

“I am also convinced that the balance we seek in our lives draws its energy and power from nature. Like some, I have this dream of revolutionizing the world towards more meaning and environmental respect.”

As she says herself, this is “A rich life! A life whose heart is composed of Robin, whom I call my husband even if we are only engaged, and Antoine, his 11-year-old son.”

Vaulting freak one day, Vaulting freak always: Anne-Sophie is very eager to “feel vaulting again”:

“I am sure that 2018 will allow me to do so. The occasion could be during a show filled with meaning … like the one organized in June by the Association “Avec le coeur” (With the heart) led by Anne-Sophie Peignon and the club Niortais (Niort, France), whose donations are used to finance the Foundation for Medical Research and in memory for a young vaulter who passed away too young.”

What about the future of our sport?

From her point of view, we are more and more focused on the quality of movement of the horse and the harmony between vaulter and horse:

‘“For two years, I do not believe that Vaulting had time to really evolve. I note that the attention is more and more on the quality of movement for the horses. And it is likely that the requirement will continue to grow. Which is a very good thing for our sport!

Otherwise, I am convinced that the more we will develop, the more the fact of showing its originality and sincerity by a bodily and scenic expression in harmony with the horse will become essential to deserve the gold medal:

The vaulter must be aligned:

– with himself to show what he has deep inside him

– with his lunger in his dream and in his objectives

– with his horse to transcend his message”

> Anne-Sophie’s best memories:

3rd of September 2014

I executed a part of my freestyle without any mistake at the WEG, with Papillon de Laume, who started vaulting only 18 months earlier, and supported by my friends and family. I remember so many emotions and intensity, that keep giving me energy and resources today!

And I remember all these moments shared with vaulters, like those post-championship evenings of Europe & World Championships. It was great, especially when we were all in one big hotel (Brno 2008 for example).

> Anne-Sophie’s advice for all vaulters and athletes:

“The mental work to know yourself and access your true potential for performance is just a few strides away.”

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