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Train Like…

Lukas Heppler

We have talked to Lukas Heppler, winner of two legs of the FEI World Cup 2016/2017 and 4th at the European Championship 2017 about his goals for the next season. Take a glance and train like the Swiss Champion!

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Torben Jacobs

European Champion and Vice German Champion 2017 with Team Norka, Vice European Champion and German Champion 2017 together with Theresa-Sophie Bresch: Torben Jacobs has been more than successful this season! Keep on reading and train like Torben!

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Kristian Roberts

Kristian Roberts, international representative of the USA, WEG competitor and US champion, gave us some interesting insights on his trainings and planning for the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018: The USA might surprise us with a completely new team. Keep on reading and train like the US champion!

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Kristina Boe

Kristina Boe was part of the top level female individuals these days at the FEI European Championships. She just impressed everyone with her technical test and her stunning freestyles in Ebreichsdorf and won the gold medal for Germany! We are proud to share with you the insights of her vaulting lifestyle and trainings. Train like the European Champion!

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Sandra Anderberg

We have talked to Sandra Anderberg, Swedish Champion and international representative of Sweden, about her goals and plans for this season. She also gave us some insights on vaulting in Sweden. Keep on reading and train like the Swedish Champion!

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Lambert Leclezio

We have talked with Lambert Leclezio, World Champion 2016, about his training routine, his upcoming plans and his training equipments. Let yourself get inspired by what he told us and train like the World Champion!

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