Animal prints are almost every season in vaulting fashion. The last season, we also found some stunning animal catsuits with many details characterizing each animal. In the following we will present you our selection of the 5 best animal costumes:

> Anna Cavallaro (The Wolf) from Italy showed us a sophisticated freestyle representing a wild wolf this year. Her catsuit has many nice fur and glitter appliqués.

Photo: Clau Falcão

> Janika Derks (The Cat) from Germany prepared a fantastic cat freestyle for this season with a well-elaborated outfit and the fitting make-up.

Photo: Voltigierservice

> Ann Marlene Thies from Germany performed such a cute freestyle as Dory from the movie Finding Nemo. Her facial expression leaves no doubt, great idea we haven’t seen before!

Photo: Nathalie Gtr Photographie

> The American Junior Team entertained us with a freestyle as Jungle Animals at the World Championships 2017. Their catsuits are designed by Kim Couture.

Photo: Voltigierservice

> Nadine Langer (The Tiger) from Germany has also chosen a wild theme this year. We saw her choreography as a tiger at the German Championship at the end of August.

Photo: Voltigierservice

Do you remember any other cool animal outfits of this season or past seasons? Let us know!