Choosing a vaulting freestyle theme is never easy and we always try to inspire you when searching for one. So, have you ever thought of representing another sports discipline? Take a glance at our selection of 5 freestyles representing other sports disciplines and get inspired:

> Jannis Drewell (Kung Fu) won the European Championships 2015 with his famous, refreshing and extremely difficult Kung Fu freestyle.

Jannis Drewell
Photo: Voltigierservice

Watch the video here.

> Colton Palmer (Baseball) showed an entertaining freestyle at the FEI World Championships 2016. His catsuit is a trikot of the American baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers.

Colton Palmer
Photo: Nathalie Gautier

Watch the video here.

> Although equestrian vaulting is not an Olympic discipline, Florian Grill from Austria represented the Olympic Games at the FEI European Championships for Juniors in Le Mans 2016.

Florian Grill
Photo: Voltigierservice

Watch the video here.

> Nicola Ströh at the German Championships 2006 was interpreting a boxing theme. We couldn’t find any images of that freestyle however, we recommend you to watch the video of her technical programme with a box fight theme, with which she could win the title as German Champion 2006.

Nicola Ströh

Watch the video here.

> Julia Reimann & Kim Lochau (Hip Hop & Ballet) from PSV Stahnsdorf have chosen a theme mixing up Hip Hop with Ballet for their Pas-de-Deux this season.

Julia Reimann Kim Lochau
Photo: Gero Breloer

> Ecuries du Petit Dan also showed a curious Hip Hop freestyle at the French Championships a few years ago. They even used sneakers as vaulting shoes! 

Ecuries du Petit Dan

Do you remember any other related freestyle themes? Let us know!