Equestrian vaulters use to be very creative and innovative. We would like to present you 6 vaulting challenges we have discovered. Read on and challenge yourself! And don’t forget to send us videos of your attempts!

> Clap Push-ups (VG Seefeld)

Maybe you have already trained push-ups and squats on the horse. If you are bored with the standard ones, the next step will be to try some clap push-ups!

> Human Rope Skipping (Team Ahlhorn)

You need something to warm up and normal rope skipping bores you? Try this one with your team mates 😀

> Macarena (Essonne Voltige Équestre)

To bring a bit more fun into your training session maybe you should try the Macarena challenge. The only thing to do is to dance Macarena on the horse the most elegant way possible and with music, of course!

> Burpees

If you want the extra burn after your training session, you should go for the burpees. On the ground they are boring, right?


> Vaulting on a hoverboard

A very innovative challenge has been brought to us by Nicolas Andréani. He tried vaulting on a hoverboard. Do you dare? We are expecting your videos 😉

> Upside Down Interview

What about answering some questions while being upside down?

Whether it’s a handstand, shoulder stand, a lifted-up exercise, send us your upside down interviews answering the following questions:


How do you mentally before a competition?


What other physical activities do you practice apart from vaulting?


Who is your role model in the Vaulting World?

Remember our interview series in cooperation with Mind.Body.Vault at the FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018: