This weekend was a huge gathering for the Vaulting World in Saumur 2019, France. The combination of a CVI and the FEI Vaulting World Cup Final created a huge enthusiasm. The beautiful arena was a perfect place to host this CVI and the Final, that we all enjoyed just like a show. 

CVI Portogruaro took place in Italy at the same time, so the vaulting community was split. Here you can find some impressions and the most important results of both competitions:

FEI Vaulting World Cup Final 2019

The qualified female vaulters were six in total. Janika Derks (GER) is the golden girl. She decided to change her freestyle theme between her two rounds, from a romantic and smooth one to the boxer one. The decision surprised everyone, but she explained that she needed to show something much closer to her personality. She ended above the others with 8.753. The Swiss girls were fighting for the second place, and it was Marina Mohar (SUI) with For Ever du Chalet CH and Simone Aebi as a lunger who took it, ending with 8.390. The Swiss Clock, Nadja Büttiker finished third, with 8.374 just behind Marina. Kristina Boe was doing pretty well, until her horse “took his retirement two strides before her”, as she said herself. She ended in the fourth place and with a smile anyway. 

Marina Mohar – Photo: Arjen van der Spek

The Colombian Juan Martin Clavijo dethroned all other nations and he sang his national anthem with an impressive 8.976. Germany was following with Jannik Heiland as The Pianist (8.770) and Thomas Brüsewitz (8.690). The competition was tight for the other six competitors, with the lowest final score reaching 7.867. It was nice to see the American flag, with our ambassador Kristian Roberts, who qualified for the final for the first time and did clean rounds on the Swiss horse Keep Cool III.

The only French participant in the World Cup Final, Clément Taillez, finished 4th and will end his active vaulting career with this success.

Clément Taillez – Photo: Arjen van der Spek

Germany also won the Pas-de-Deux, thanks to Torben Jacobs & Theresa-Sophie Bresch for their last performance together. The experienced couple won with 8.576, and despite a delicate last round with their horse Danny Boy. We discovered the new theme of Daniel Janes & Haley Smith (USA) taking the second place with their smooth and innovative routine (8.238). The third place went to the Swiss Pas-de-Deux Zoe Maruccio & Syra Schmid. Unfortunately, they fell down during the second round and got 7.216 as a final score.

Daniel Janes & Haley Smith – Photo: Arjen van der Spek

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CVI Saumur 2019

> Individuals Senior 3*

Unsurprisingly, Lambert Leclezio (FRA) won the CVI with 8.327. He is followed by two compatriots: Vincent Haennel on Ultrachic HDC and Fabrice Holzberger (7.972) and the young Dorian Terrier (7.175). The female top 3 was dominated by the German girls: Pauline Riedl (7.993), Hanna Steverding (7.696) and Chiara Congia from Team Norka (7.406).

Pauline Riedl – Photo: Arjen van der Spek
> Squads Senior 3*

Team Fredenbeck (GER) and Team Noroc (FRA) were both clearly supported by the audience. Both teams showed a new theme and choreography, and even a new horse, Sushi de la Roque for France. We will remember that the judges couldn’t get them closer, with the German team scoring 8.137 and Noroc 8.136 with the second place! Noroc got a better score for their second round, and impressed their audience with some new moves, such as the hand-to-hand pas-de-deux, but it was not enough to beat the expected Fredenbeck team. 

Team Fredenbeck – Photo: PhotosLesGarennes
> Pas-de-Deux Senior 3*

This category was led by Chiara Congia & Justin Van Gerven (GER) by far, with a final score of 8.484. The promising couple Diana Harwardt & Peter Künne (GER) ended with 7.661, followed by the Great-Britain with Hannah Ballantyne & Molly Turner (6.323).

Diana Harwardt & Peter Künne – Photo: PhotosLesGarennes

> Juniors 2*

We also have to highlight some performances in Junior 2*: The squad Nordheim I (GER) was clearly above the other teams. They finished the competition with 7.502. We also got an eye on the Rocky Mountain High Performance Team, coached by Christoph Lensing in Colorado, USA. The promising team ended with 6.932, third place. From the same team we would like to mention Sydney Schimack, Vaulting World Ambassador, who ended on the 8th place as an individual with 7.104. Another of our ambassadors, Katie Henderson, won the Junior Pas-de-Deux competition along with her partner Kerri Brylka (GBR), with Joanne Eccles lunging (7.487). Katie was also on the 11th place as an individual.

The sunny weekend was a great competition, with many nations represented. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We had the pleasure to spend some time with our dear editing team and ambassadors.

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CVI Portogruaro 2019

The CVI in Portogruaro (Italy) hosted competitions of all levels starting from Children 1* up to Senior 3*. Here is a summary of the results of the 3* competition.

> Individuals Senior 3*

The Austrian girls dominated the individual competition with Katharina Luschin on the first place with a score of 8.520, Daniela Fritz on the second place (8.368) and Jasmin Lindner on the third place (8.300).

Julian Wilfing (GER) scored a 7.934 on the first place among the male individuals and was followed by the two Swiss vaulters Andrin Müller (7.790) and Colin Michel (7.160).

> Squads Senior 3*

In the squad competition Austria was also quite successful with a second place for URC Wildegg (8.245) with their freestyle inspired by the movie The Greatest Showman and a third place for VG Pill (7.725). However, the German Team from VV Ingelsberg could win the competition with a score of 8.389 and their new Mexican freestyle for this season.

> Pas-de-Deux Senior 3*

Only three Pas-de-Deuxs competed and all of them from Austria. The first place went to Eva Nagiller & Romana Hintner with a score of 7.637, followed by Jessica Achleitner & Sandra Radner with a 6.608 and Kathrin Humann & Jelena Moser with a 6.446.

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