Estiven Palacio Hernandez will compete at the FEI World Vaulting Male Championships for Colombia. Get to know him in our mini interview!

1. Please describe yourself in three words.

> Passionate

> Outgoing

> Determined

2. Who are your team members?

Trainer/lunger: Angelika Koppel. Chef d’Equipe: María Fernanda Posada. Lunger: Sandra Tronchet. Groom: Anna Von Bila. Horse: Alexandro Song BW

3. How did you experience the qualification process? What were your challenges on the way to the Championships?

I moved to Germany two months ago to prepare my trainings and catch the feeling with the horse Carolus Magnus, lunger Lea Blatz, trainer Andrea Blatz and groom Martin Blatz as my team to participate in Herning, now after this great and nice season of training and amazing experiences Carolus had a colic this week, even requiring an operation, it means I had to substitute the horse. The biggest challenge for me right now is to vault on a horse I haven’t tried yet. I am still very happy and proud of what I learned in the last months and I hope I will be able to show that in Herning.

4. What was your best (or funniest) vaulting moment? 

Definitely this year have been one of my favorite with all the up and downs, because the way to Herning means for me a lot of training, amazing experiences and lot of learning for my whole sport career and personal growth.

5. What do you expect from the World Championships 2022? What are your goals?

My biggest goal is to enjoy such a dream event, my first World Equestrian Games 🤩 , make my programs clean as possible and learn much more.

6. What’s your freestyle theme 2022 and why?

My freestyle is inspired by my feelings with the music and what I am trying to show is an uncertain life and soul trying to find his own way.