Danielle Bürgi will compete at the FEI World Vaulting Female Championships for Switzerland. Get to know her in our mini interview!

1. Please describe yourself in three words.

> Motivated

> Energetic

> Attentive

2. Who are your team members?

I’m competing with Livanto Cha CH lunged by Mirjam Degiorgi

3. How did you experience the qualification process? What were your challenges on the way to the Championships?

Mentally it was not easy to get back into the pressure of competing since I, aswell as my horse, did not compete internationally since 2019 due to covid and my knee injury. Nevertheless I enjoyed it more than ever by mainly focusing on my own and my horses growth throughout the qualifications. Despite some mistakes we were happy about how it all went and being able to qualify was the cherry on top.

4. What was your best (or funniest) vaulting moment? 

Definetly not my best but for sure my funniest moment was at my first european championship in 2018 where I fell off the horse in an unexpected way while doing my signature move. I didn’t find it funny in that moment but looking back at it makes me laugh every time.

5. What do you expect from the World Championships 2022? What are your goals?

Competing at my first Senior championship is a dream come true. For me, Herning will be about gaining experience and getting a clearer visoin of what the future can bring. The main goal is to be able to show what we have been working on this whole year and touch some hearts with our performances – that would be the greatest reward.

6. What’s your freestyle theme 2022 and why?

To me, my theme is about a journey through unknown land. But I like when people have their own personal interpretation of what they’re seeing so my costume and music choice is pretty open to that. I chose this music and theme because i like the emotions it puts me in.