Kristian Roberts, international representative of the USA, WEG competitor and US champion, gave us some interesting insights on his trainings and planning for the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018: The USA might surprise us with a completely new team. Keep on reading and train like the US champion!

About Kristian

Age: 24

Occupation/Education: Coach/Pre-Major Studies (university)

Nationality: USA

Horse: Charly, Hanoverian Gelding. He’s got quite the personality!

Lunger: Carolyn Bland

Achievements in Vaulting:

4 time US champion

2010 and 2014 WEG competitor

Bronze medal Nations Cup in Aachen 2014

Started vaulting at the age of: 12

I couldn’t live without: Travel! There is something so refreshing about exploring new places and meeting new people all over the world. Vaulting has given that to me!

Motto: Nothing can stand in the way of my goals.

1. How are you doing at the moment with your trainings?

It’s back to full training again! After breaking my leg last year, I returned to practice after just six months and competition after eight months. Now my training is conditioning two days per week, vaulting three days per week and weight training. WEG 2018 is coming fast!

2. What are your goals for the remaining season/2018?

I’d like to compete at a World Cup this winter. But my main goal is to improve my technical program and compulsories as those will make the biggest difference overall.

3. Are you planning to go to the WEG 2018 (as individual/with the team)?

Yes, both! With this being my third World Equestrian Games, I have to make it count especially since I missed worlds last year.

4. What is ALWAYS in your training bag?

Sunblock, not that I use it much but it’s pretty sunny in California. Also food, I’m always hungry.

5. Are you a vaulting fashionista? How is your weirdest training pants?

For guys, weird pants are the one area we can have cool colors too! I have some ocean wave print pants, some with the look of a cut diamond and some swirly blue ones.

6. Who makes your competition catsuits?

Kim af Schultén from Sweden. She has made them for me since 2012 and she is amazing to work with!

7. What model of shoes do you prefer and why?

Bleyer boot style vaulting shoes. They stay on my feet and give a bit more support!

8. Some vaulters use different surcingles for compulsories and freestyle, do you? If yes, why?

Nope, same for both rounds.

9. Do you have sponsors? What is your relationship with them?

Not at the moment but we are looking for support for next years World Equestrian Games.

10. Can you list the main products you compete with?

– Main surcingle: Meinecke, Kristina Boe grips

– Pad: Either the Felt Pro Pad or Meinecke Carbon/Felt pad

– Shoes: Bleyer Boots!

11. If you had to invent a new product for the vaulting community, what would you create?

I would love to design a vaulting shoe, with the comfort of the bleyer split sole, with laces, but padding similar to the Nadia shoe. And a few other features.

12. Any surprise/announcement for us?

I will say the US contingent next year will be the best yet, team will be a big surprise. Nothing like we’ve ever seen. There will be new senior team of the Pacific Coast Vaulters consisting of experienced vaulters with solid compulsories, but without any small flyers as usual. We are already training the freestyle and have made huge progress so far. The tryouts for the WEG 2018 will start on October 1st and end on July 15th, so we are considering competing at the CVI in Salzburg this year or in Saumur next year.

Photo Credits: Barny Thierolf