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Unique Vaulting Moves – Part 1

Vaulting has developed a lot and it’s great to see new freestyle moves every year. Some of those exercises have become so called signature moves, which are kind of innovative and characterize teams or vaulters. In this article we’ll present you 5 unique vaulting moves!

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Vaulting Competitions 2021

The season 2020 basically ended before it started. We hope that we will have the chance to visit many exciting vaulting events next year. We have prepared a monthly overview of important vaulting competitions 2021 for you:

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Team Noroc 4.0

Team Noroc has recently announced some changes in their composition with new flyers and a lot of new ideas, too, as always. We are excited to share with you what we discovered about this brand new team!

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What about the FEI Vaulting World Cupβ„’?

We all remember the final of last season in Saumur: nice venue to watch a beautiful show at night, efficient organization, happy vaulters ending their winter season at the top. It seemed like a successful combination, but we all discovered that this format can be jeopardized quite easily. The season 2019-2020 will be be quite poor in content as the FEI World Cupβ„’ Vaulting Series were simply cancelled. The 17th of October 2019, National Federations received an official notification from the FEI with a short explanation.

What happened exactly? Vaulting World asked the FEI a few questions to understand the ins and outs.

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Vaulting Competitons 2020

The season 2020 is about to start and many exciting events are waiting for vaulting fans this year. We have prepared a monthly overview of important vaulting competitions 2020 for you:

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What is the FEI Vaulting World Challenge?

The FEI Vaulting World Challenge (FEI WCHA-V event) is a new annual vaulting event, held from January to December in accordance with the FEI Vaulting Rules. The first edition is for 2020, so if you never heard about it before, keep reading!

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