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Sandra Anderberg

We have talked to Sandra Anderberg, Swedish Champion and international representative of Sweden, about her goals and plans for this season. She also gave us some insights on vaulting in Sweden. Keep on reading and train like the Swedish Champion!

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10 summer camps for vaulting freaks 2017

You haven’t booked any vacation yet? No idea what to do during summer? We have prepared a selection of 10 international vaulting camps 2017 for you. You should definitely consider joining one of them to stay on track this summer!

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Mindset & Performance: Mental training for vaulters

As we all know, mental strength and concentration are crucial during competitions. Very few vaulters train mentally, but it is a very important point to perform: You have only a few seconds to convince the judges, so better be focused! But how can you improve your concentration? How to deal with enormous pressure? Read More

Lambert Leclezio

We have talked with Lambert Leclezio, World Champion 2016, about his training routine, his upcoming plans and his training equipments. Let yourself get inspired by what he told us and train like the World Champion!

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