The FEI has finally launched its new e-learning platform called FEI Campus.

On FEI Campus you can find general information on the FEI disciplines: Dressage & Para-Equestrian, Eventing, Driving & Para-Equestrian Driving, Endurance, Reining and Vaulting. The website also provides information on horsemanship in the following categories:

  • Veterinary
  • Equine Anatomy & Physiology
  • Equine Conformation
  • Equine Identification
  • Behavior & Handling
  • Husbandry & Feeding
  • Equine Health
  • The Equine Athlete
  • Horsemanship Study
  • Olympic Hub

For every discipline there is a section for announcements and courses. This video for example summarizes important changes in the FEI rules for the next season:

The vaulting section offers a certified course for judges and coaches elaborated by Erich Breiter, Anna Kull and Helma Schwarzmann. This course introduces the discipline, its history and gives an overview of international competitions and its requirements. The 82-hours online course is aimed to prepare you to become a FEI Vaulting Judge.

“FEI Campus is what the equestrian world and especially the vaulting world needed and offers great possibilities for the future.”

This great tool is very promising for our sport and we hope it will engage all of us for improvements. Vaulters are more and more connected around the world so it looks like it’s time to take advantage of that opportunity:

Many countries are starting to foster the discipline, but without education there won’t be a base for development and improvements.

But what do we expect exactly from FEI Campus then?

One of the priorities is the preparation of our horses, which is quite challenging for everyone: We still can improve a lot and it would be, in our opinion, very helpful to have technical education especially on that topic, even if it is not an exact science! What do YOU think?