This article is dedicated to all the parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, family members who already got invited (means forced) to assist a vaulting training of a loved one.

My mom told me one day: “The money I’m putting in your driving licence is only because I’m fed up with taking you to the trainings, ok?” (sorry Mom )

You are not able to go back home during trainings? Take it easy, and follow our tips:

  1. Socialise & Have (Make) fun

The Vaulting World is a family, just let yourself go and you will make new friends! Just mention that you have no clue of horses before starting a conversation. Try to make friends with other non-vaulters. Remember that they have the same problem as you!

If you’re not willing to integrate yourself  in the long-term, you can entertain yourself with listening the #thisbitchstolemycatsuitcolor, #mydaughteristhenextchampion, #shehascopiedmyexercise, #hesalwaysonthehorse! conversations. Lend an ear!

2. Get involved

You have so many options to take part into our sport:

  • Lunging

No, the lunger is not just standing in the middle. I promise. It’s more challenging than it seems from the outside!

  • Judging

You will learn a lot about our sport and you can get free coffee ?

  • Start an association to raise funds for the competitions

We will pray for you for EVER.

  • Make catsuits

If you are good at it only, because we have enough ugly “I made it myself” catsuits around…

3. Spy & sneak

The right picture in the right moment. It can be a great memory of a beautiful instant, or a very funny picture! Make yourself the professional photographer of the vaulting team, during training sessions and competitions.

4. Ask to get on the horse and impress all your friends

This always works, trust me.

5. Ok, you really don’t care about vaulting, got it. Don’t forget your power bank!

And now to all non-vaulters: How do you kill time during (never-ending) training sessions? Share your tips&tricks with us!

Photo Credits: Nathalie Gtr Photographie