During the first Corona lockdown many of us had to learn how to train properly at home without any training equipment. For your vaulting training at home we have come up with some ideas how to easily create your own training material.
It not only suits as home workout equipment but also for your vaulting training sessions at the barn. Here are 5 easy DIY training equipment ideas for vaulters! 

1. Balance Board

What you need

50cm PVC pipe / plastic sewer pipe 
40cm x 60cm wooden board
Roof batten


Saw two pieces of 26 cm each out of the roof battens with a wood saw. These are then attached to the underside of the wooden board at a distance of 2cm from the edges, either with glue or screws. 

They are designed to prevent the board from sliding over the ends of the pipe when you stand on it.

Try buying some rubber-like tape like, which you can tape around the pipe so that it has a little more grip on smooth surfaces. This should help you get more grounded.

Now you can lay the pipe on the ground, place the board on it and work on your balance! 

2. Weights

To complement your training with weights you don’t necessarily need a set of gym weights. You can use items you already have at home or you can build yourself: 

– Use water bottles of different sizes as dumbbells. You can fill them with different amounts of water or other stuff like stones or sand to adjust the weight. For higher weights use a 5 liter bottle or jerry can.

– Fill a backpack with books or heavy items. You can put it on your back for squats or use it as kettle bell.

– Fill two cotton bags with heavy stuff and grab a broom handle. Attach the bags to each side of the handle by winding the carrying handle around it. Now you have a self-made barbell.

3. Agility Ladder

What you need

Paint Stirring Sticks
Measuring Tape


Place two strips of tape on the ground, parallelly, sticky-side up and with a distance of one paint stirring stick (center to center). Each strip should have a length of 5 meters.

Start at one end and lay your sticks down on the tape. The ends of the paint sticks should touch at the middle of the tape.

Fold over the tape edges to the center so that they cover each stick and hold it in place.

4. Ab Wheel

All you need is a rolling pin. Depending on your floor covering you can place a towel underneath and do your rollouts to train your abs.

5. Foam Roller

You can also use your rolling pin as a foam roller. Another option is to fill a large bottle with water, put it in the freezer and then use it to work your muscles. It’s not only very effective for recovery but also works as cold therapy. 

Have fun crafting and show us your results by tagging us on Instagram! Have you built more stuff you can use as home gym equipment? Let us know! We would love to add your ideas!