Vaulting World? What is Vaulting World? Vaulting World is a platform from vaulters for vaulters: your vaulting community. And this blog is just the beginning.

Our aim is to make vaulting more accessible and understandable for everyone. We are totally aware of the fact that in many countries around the world it’s not easy to start or do vaulting, find a vaulting club, vaulting material, a horse or even the necessary information about the discipline. Don’t you agree that it’s time to change this?

Vaulting World aims to connect vaulters, lungers, trainers and fans.

We think out of the box and we will provide you with vaulting news, useful knowledge, insider tips, upcoming trends and much more, so stay tuned! We will constantly work on our platform and new projects, there are more features to come.

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