Due to Corona most of us have been forced to train at home for some time. During that time we have filmed some workout videos for equestrian vaulters to train without any equipment. However, sometimes it can be more effective and more fun to do some exercises with training equipment. 

Therefore we have gathered some ideas of essential equipment for vaulting training at home, which is flexible in use and space-saving.

1. Yoga Mat

A yoga or exercise mat is essential. For some exercises like sit-ups or stretching it’s way more comfortable to have a soft surface and better grip on the ground. Additionally, it creates a kind of workout atmosphere and puts you in the right mood. 

Most workout mats can be rolled up to store them without taking up much space.

2. Wrist / Ankle Weights

With wrist or ankle weights you can easily increase the intensity of your workout. Doing jackknives or mill exercises with ankle weights are way more effective. Holding the superman position, for example, is a lot harder as well.

3. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are also a cheap option for your vaulting workout at home. There are various types of bands differing by size, material and intensity. It’s recommended to buy a set with different models to be more flexible with your trainings. Depending on the exercise you might need more or less resistance. 

For arm strengthening exercises there are models with handles, for leg workouts there are loop bands.

4. Foam Roller / Tennis Ball

Foam rolling is more a part of regeneration than training since it helps your muscles to relax and relieve tension. You work your muscles by massaging them repeatedly with a roller made of foam. 

There are different types and sizes of foam rollers, from the ones for gently massages to the ones with a greater intensity.

For more punctual massages you can also use a tennis ball. It has the perfect size to stimulate the sole of your foot.

5. Earphones / Bluetooth Speaker / Device Stand

Very essential are earphones or a bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite music when working out. Also useful is a device stand, especially when training with workout videos. If you don’t have one at hand just use a staple of books to bring your phone or tablet into position.