Like all of us, even vaulting stars and talents have to start from scratch, train hard and participate in many regional and national competitions before shining on the international stage. We have found some really cute photos that show that they all have started just like everyone in the Vaulting World: as lovely, little vaulting kids!

> Lucy Phillips (English Champion various times and successful vaulter of Team GB at international competitions) and Joanne Eccles (European Champion 2009 and 2011, World Champion 2010, 2012, 2014) (Great Britain).

Lucy Phillips
Photos: Instagram (Lucy Phillips)/Arjen van der Spek

> Nicolas Andréani (France): European Champion 2009, World Champion 2012 and winner of the FEI World Cup 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Nicolas Andreani
Photos: Peggy Spanhove/PSV

> Silvia Stopazzini (Italy): Winner of the FEI World Cup 2017 and European Champion 2017 as Pas-de-Deux.

Silvia Stopazzini
Photos: Facebook (Silvia Stopazzini)/Voltigierservice

> Torben Jacobs (Germany): European Champion with the team and Vice European Champion Pas-de-Deux 2017.

Torben Jacobs
Photos: HEINEN/Julia Schwartz

> Pascale Wagner (Switzerland): Member of the Swiss cadre and successful vaulter at international competitions such as the FEI World Cup over years.

Pascale Wagner
Photos: Facebook (Pascale Wagner)/Arjen van der Spek

> Lambert Leclezio (France): World Champion 2016.

Photos: Facebook (Lambert Leclezio)/Anthony Bro-Petit

> Giovanni Bertolaso (Italy): 5th place at the World Championships or Juniors in Ebreichsdorf 2017.

Giovanni Bertolaso
Photos: Instagram (Giovanni Bertolaso)/Voltigierservice

> Balázs Bence (Hungary): FEI World Cup 2017/2018 participant and European Champion Juniors 2014.

Balazs Bence
Photos: Facebook (Balázs Bence)/Voltigierservice