When professionals and renowned brands honor vaulting in their commercials and use the aesthetics of our discipline, then some beautiful stories and images come out.

> FREITAG – The Compostable Denim

A few years ago, the Swiss brand FREITAG released one of their fun commercials “The Never Ending Cycle of Denim” to introduce the first entirely compostable five-pocket jeans grown and made in Europe. You can watch Ivan Nousse and Constanze Schwarz putting these jeans on while standing on Ede, lunged by Elke Nousse.

In 2014, the company created a new raw material, 100% biodegradable: the F-ABRIC is made from liberian fiber textiles. The fabric is entirely developed in-house, and produced within a radius of 2500 kilometers from Zürich, with minimal resource use. Thus, F-ABRIC fully honors the FREITAG philosophy: “we think and act in cycles”.

> Galaxy – Rosie’s Choice

Galaxy (sold as Dove in many countries worldwide and especially Continental Europe) is a brand of milk chocolate, made and marketed by Mars, Inc. The brand chose Rosie for one of their commercials. In this video, she tells us her story with horses and vaulting, with the motto “choose pleasure”.

Rosie describes perfectly what you feel doing vaulting :

“Vaulting is just amazing freedom: you’re working with the horse’s movements so it’s almost like your flying but you’re kind of dancing at the same time. It takes a lot of years to achieve that”

> NOWNESS by Sharif Hamza – We Vault

NOWNESS is a movement for creative excellence in storytelling celebrating the extraordinary of every day. Launched in 2010, NOWNESS’ unique programming strategy has established it as the go to source of inspiration and influence across art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food, and travel. They work with exceptional talent, and both established and emerging filmmakers, which connects our audience to emotional and sensorial stories designed to provoke inspiration and debate.

The producer of this magical video is Sharif Hamza, who was born and raised in London but began his career as an image maker in New York where he is currently based.

Working simultaneously in both photography and motion, Sharif’s work is about story telling. His narrative process begins with the selection of his subject matter, those who can convey a sense of character in an abstract form. Sharif enjoys working within the context of fashion and sees it in a cinematic approach inventing scenes for his subjects whether shooting celebrities or models, that he captures in photography or motion. His personal films have been showcased on Nowness, but he also made films for clients like Persol demonstrate his perspective in creating unique cinematic work for brands.

“We Vault” is a cinematic look at equestrian vaulting.

Here, only ripples of muscle, each breath trailing out of dawn and its reach for perfection

Unfinished but not incomplete

Neither blood nor bond confined

Made sister in whispers, and whoops of sifting euphoria

This hunt is our own

Watch as we practice a warfare of pageantry

Dazzling light of the captured victor

I am my own defense against the barriers of time

I trust you who will replace me, to unravel what is yet to be

But with the torch of Helen, of Joan held high, off plundered ground I am exhaled as a pyramid of light

We vault

Inseparable from beauty, immune to the barriers of time

We Vault, text by Laura Albert


PAPAYA FILMS is an independent production company specializing in branded content, commercials, and music videos. Founded in 2006 by Kacper Sawicki and Paweł Bondarowicz, Papaya maintains offices in Warsaw, London and New York and works with globally-recognized agencies and brands to craft compelling stories that resonate with viewers throughout the world. They have produced award-winning content for television, online, mobile.

“Tempo” is an art project from Daniel Jaroszek who is a Papaya Films roster director. The story is about adolescent friendships and an unforgettable summer around horses.

> Anthony Bro – Films

We don’t introduce anymore the video maker and vaulter himself Anthony Bro-Petit who produced several stylish films to promote our sport.

Anthony quotes Pablo Picasso:

 “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

To get Anthony’s best tips to make nice vaulting pictures, read our article here