Sense Of Horses is a new brand for all equestrian fans and vaulters offering vaulting leggings and more.



Vivien, the person behind this brand, is a French vaulter, based in Le Mans. He started Sense Of Horses a few years ago with something in his mind:

“In 2017, I got the idea to create the brand Sense of Horses. It was between two relatively intensive vaulting training sessions that I had the crazy desire to gather a true community around the same lifestyle and the same passion: horses.

It’s true that our passion for horses is a huge part of our lives, and the people around us do not always understand all we can do for our equine companions!

That’s why I wanted to highlight our way of life, which bring us so many great things everyday!

No discipline tags: Vaulting, Dressage, Jumping and so on… we all share the same pleasure!”

Photo: Pascale Vacher

We tested the Vaulting Leggings from Sense Of Horses and it’s a match!

We were surprised with the softness of the fabric, and its elasticity, which is very comfy to train. It’s so enjoyable to have a waistband that’s not bothering too! You can choose your flag from the National Collection but some other cool designs are also available:

Striped Leggings
Striped Leggings – Sense Of Horses

These National leggings can also be customized: you can write your name or your team name on the back waistband for instance, awesome!

All leggings are available on the VW Marketplace.

In addition to the leggings, you can also find clothing and fun articles for equestrians, such as this cute mug:

SoH mug
SoH mug