Mind.Body.Vault offers a training program for all types of equestrians to stay or become fit. Our cooperation with the team of Mind.Body.Vault at the FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018 doing our Upside Down Interviews was a lot of fun and we are happy to present you the girls and their interesting projects in this article.

About Mari & Ali

“We knew each other growing up competing as vaulters. We both competed internationally, for example while Mari was on the team Ali was competing as an individual, both traveling, training, competing and representing the US at multiple World Championships!

World Equestrian Games Kentucky 2010

Fun fact #1: Mari was Tessa Divita’s very first vaulting coach (Ali’s little sister) when she was just 4 years old!

Fun fact #2: We were both born in Hawaii!

Fun Fact #3: When we first got together we created an instagram account called “aloha acrobats” where we focused on fun acro moves you could do in the water on your paddle boards… we did this in Ali’s parent’s pool in California! There was a LOT of laughter, which of course caused a lot of falling, and more laughter!”

How are they connected to vaulting? 

Mari Inouye came to vaulting from gymnastics, she started when she was 8 years old. She fell absolutely in love with the sport and was attracted to how it took her around the world competing and meeting such wonderful & diverse people. She was a competitive vaulter for 17 years and ending with a Gold Medal at WEG in 2010. She’s most notably known for her backflip with a twist dismount. She never wants to lose her skills so still trains sporadically with her equestrian clients. She sometimes vaults for promotional content, collaborating with TV brands in Hollywood.

Alicen Divita started vaulting when she was twelve, she came from a gymnastics background and was immediately in love with the sport. She was the US National champion multiple times; competed in Europe at many CVIs winning CVI Krumke in 2007. She was the alternate for WEG in Aachen 2006, placed second in freestyle and seventh overall at WEG 2010 in Kentucky. She was a coach for WEG 2014 in Normandy, as well as for Australia at Junior Worlds in 2015 and WEG in Tryon 2018. She still vaults for fun when she is home with her mom and sister in California. She has developed a system of coaching international vaulters through her internet based training program.

Alicen Divita

About their professional background

Ali is a yoga instructor and a health coach, and is currently studying functional medicine. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley. She now lives in England, in the UK and travels the world quite regularly!

Mari is a personal trainer and completed her bachelors at UC Davis. She was a level 10 gymnast and also competed on the University of California, Davis Gymnastics team. She now lives in Los Angeles, California where she trains professional equestrians who want to get stronger, more flexible and in better shape for their riding career!

How did Mind.Body.Vault start?

“Mind.Body.Vault was definitely an evolution. It all started with a conversation about wanting to amplify our passions by working together, vaulting of course is something we both had in common and with our personal backgrounds (in yoga and personal training) we felt that providing cross training for vaulters felt like the perfect place to start. We soon realized it was not just vaulters but all equestrians that could really benefit from the type of programs we were wanting to develop. It is still growing, as we continue to collaborate with larger brands and people who have similar passions.”

Check out their Equestrian Athlete’s Fitness Guide!

fitness for equestrians

What are the upcoming projects of Mind.Body.Vault?

“We are SO excited about what is coming for Mind.Body.Vault. We have a contract with FEI to continue to produce video content for their social media platforms, including YouTube and the the Health and Wellness segment of their website. We are so grateful for this as well as our start with US Equestrian (our home federation), as it has opened so many doors for us as a company.

We have also recently made some new connections with some pretty exciting companies that you will be seeing coming sometime within the next year! We will be collaborating with even larger brands to bring the vision to more people, more countries… we see our training program belongs in the hands of every trainer and every barn across the world!”

Good to know for the Vaulting World

“We are offering an affiliate program! If you are a trainer, barn owner, vaulter or just looking to make a little extra money, while also providing yoga and fitness videos for those who you work with, please reach out to us! We are so excited to start partnering with barn owners and trainers who can help to share our programs, with the benefit of giving back to our ambassadors. We feel this will help to get the training videos into the hands of those who can really benefit from them, recommended by people like YOU who already know the value of training in this way.”

If you like to join the program and work with Mind.Body.Vault, check out their website and contact them!