Tryon 2018 is coming, and the competing nations are getting prepared at home for their qualifications and for the final fight in September. A French vaulter got a smart idea creating vaulting tights with flags of vaulting nations! We love the idea and we wanted to share the news with you. Moreover, we got a nice surprise for you below, so make sure to read until the end 😉 

Vivien Bouancheau is a French vaulter from Le Mans, where team Noroc is currently based.

“In 2017, I got the idea to create the brand Sense of Horses. It was between two relatively intensive vaulting training sessions that I had the crazy desire to gather a true community around the same lifestyle and the same passion: horses.

It’s true that our passion for horses is a huge part of our lives, and the people around us do not always understand all we can do for our equine companions!

That’s why I wanted to highlight our way of life, which bring us so many great things everyday!

No discipline tags: Vaulting, Dressage, Jumping and so on… we all share the same pleasure!”

But in the last weeks, Vivien wanted to focus more on vaulting and designed himself this “National” Collection. Thanks to that, we will all be able to match our horse’s competition equipment!

We were lucky enough to get our respective national tights and try them on and we must say that it feels pretty cool to wear your flag that way:

You can also buy a ¾ leggings for 41,90 € in case you’re thinking about wearing it during summertime:

The tights are very soft and comfy, and it’s so enjoyable to have a waistband that’s not bothering! You can stretch very easily as the fabric is tensile and it dries very quickly, too.




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The collection is also available on the VW Marketplace and we have a very nice and special offer for you:

With the code “VAULTINGWORLD” you get a 10% discount on the total price of your order on the website!

Dates: From 21/05/2018 – 01:00am, Paris time (UTC+2) to 27/05/2018 – 23:59pm Paris time (UTC+2)

First come, first served: The 20 first orders* will get additional free customization with their name/team name on the waistband (on the back of the tights)!

*If an order counts several products, all products will get the free customization.

So, what are you waiting for?

What about contacting your national federation to equip your national team for the next competitions? We wish you a lot of fun with your new leggings!