Next weekend we will have the Canada Cup CVI (from 24th to 27th of May 2018). So we have talked to Charlene Kostecki, the Chair of Vault Canada and Chef d’Equippe of the Canadian National Team. She gave us some insights on the development of vaulting in Canada, their plans and goals for WEG 2018: to send an almost a full complement of vaulters to WEG!

Vaulting in Canada has steadily grown in popularity, over the last few years and there has been a significant increase in vaulting at all levels. There are more clubs starting up, and an increase in the recreational and grass roots side of vaulting. There has also been a steady increase in Canadian vaulters entering CVI’s and Charlene expects to send almost a full complement of vaulters to WEG this year.

West Coast Vaulters

The National Team has not been formed yet as the cut off date for scores is in August. In North America there are only 3 CVI’s this year for Canadian vaulters to achieve qualifying scores. In Canada there are currently 4 female Individuals, 1 male Individual, 4 PDD and 3 Squads all vying for selection to the National Team.

Charlene Kostecki is the Chef d’Equippe for the National Team and involved with all the athletes who have declared:

“Our Vaulters will be attending CVI’s and Selection Trials to attain their top two scores for submission. Our goal this season is to send our best athletes to WEG and to send 3 females, 1 male , 2 PDD and a Squad.  We are feeling very hopeful that we can do this, and that they will represent us well.”

Vaulting is primarily in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan and there are approximately 30 active clubs in Canada at the moment.

There are National and Provincial Competitions every year and typically they have 80-100 entries from Fundamentals, Walk, Trot and Canter.

This year, 33 athletes/coaches/lungers participated in the Pacific Cup CVI this year and they expect to send a similar number to Rocky Mountain CVI and have 45 Canadians entered in the Canada Cup CVI.

For Canada Cup CVI the following WEG declared athletes will be competing for scores and selection attending:

AB Elite Squad

Todd Griffiths

Gracie Griffiths

Shaina Hammond

Cassidy Johannesson

Talmage Conrad

Megan Leeper

West Coast Squad

Jessica Bentzen

Korynn Weber

Alisa Schmidt

Amanda Stevenson

Alexandra Ballance

Jaydee Fluet


Alisa Schmidt & Cassie Sponchia

Jeanine van der Sluijs & Dallyn Sheilds

Korynn Weber & Kate Thomas


Jeanine van der Sluijs

Jessica Bentzen

Alisa Schmidt

Todd Griffiths

Jeanine van der Sluijs and Dallen Sheilds (Pas-de-Deux)

The Provinces regularly bring in European and USA clinicians for their clubs, typically as a joint venture to help with costs. Some clubs with squads have chosen a specific clinician to help them on an ongoing basis. Joanne Eccles has worked with clubs in BC, and Alberta and is currently working as the coach for the Meadow Creek Squad that is vying for WEG selection.

In British Columbia a company sells vaulting supplies and there is one in California, too. These are the main sources for tack and supplies.

The best thing about vaulting in Canada is the team spirit and comradery. It’s a relatively small community, which means everyone at the upper levels knows each other and they are always supportive and caring towards each other.

“Canadian vaulters work together to help each other out and I am proud of their ability to put the development of vaulting first. Myself and the entire Vault Canada Sport Committee is proud of all of our athletes and their commitment to the sport and each other.”