Well, it seems that France will only be remembered for the extraordinary results at the FIFA World Cup in Russia this year.

This is a thunder clash into French Vaulting: The FFE “Fédération Française d’Equitation” officially announced last Wednesday that the French Team, so called and adulated Noroc, won’t take the journey to Tryon 2018.

France will only be representated by individuals then. The news astonished the community as the team appears solid: even if the members are very young, they distinguished themselves with a remarkable creativity and fluidity on their horse Wizner. The team won the World Championships in 2016 in Le Mans, with another composition but still with the same style, preparation and coach – Jacques Ferrari. Manon Moutinho, Romane Biardeau, Théo Gardies, Anthony Bro-Petit, Anaïs Bega and Jordan Gauvrit are of course, extremely disappointed and upset :

“I got up this morning with bitterness, and a taste of an uncompleted task.
four years that we work hard, four years that we sweat, four years of highs and lows, I never thought that this cycle would stop thus, so brutally […]” said Anthony. He finishes with a quotation of Cameron Trammell:

“Win if you can, lose if you have to, but never give up”

Anthony Bro-Petit

Photo: Nathalie Gautier

The harsh decision comes after long weeks of tensions and was expected somehow. The skills of the team are not questioned here, it is the result of internal discrepancies.

We strongly support and encourage all the people involved, considering the hard work that has been done so far and the respect the team inspires to any vaulter.

We will update this article if we receive more information from the FFE or any news from the team in the next weeks.

Photo: Nathalie Gautier

Read the official press release here:

“As a result of difficulties encountered in the preparation of the collective “Vaulting Team”, and after exchanging with the athletes and the members of the technical team, the FFE has made the choice to refocus the preparation and participation in the World Equestrian Games 2018 on individuals competitors.

The FFE regrets that the circumstances have not allowed to complete the project and thanks the athletes and their families who have invested themselves in the project.

The chances of getting a medal for the nation will therefore be defended at the WEG Tryon in the men’s and women’s individual categories.”

Source: www.ffe.com