Luca Short developed a specific handstand workout for Vaulting World to be able of mastering a handstand, step by step. Check out theses exercises and start to practice!

> Who is Luca Short?

Photo: Lyda Bravo

Luca is a vaulter from Colombia, he’s also currently a Vaulting Coach, a Crossfit Gymnastics Coach, a Personal Trainer and a Handstand Balancer. As a vaulter we had the pleasure to meet him during a stay in Madrid some years ago and we are still friends today!

So with all his experience, who could design better this program, right? If you follow him on Instagram you’ll probably get jealous of his balance and strength!

Photo: Lyda Bravo

But everyone started from scratch, didn’t they? We were curious to know Luca’s tips to improve your handstand, from any level. The only thing you need is a bit of motivation!

> Luca’s Handstand Program

  • The program is divided into 2 parts, one to master the basics, the second one is to master handstanding.
  • We will publish a video every 2 weeks, which you can repeat as much as needed and improve until taking the challenge of the next video!
  • Share you training sessions and improvements with us using the hashtag #VWHandstand on Instagram!


The first part includes exercises to improve your body alignment, which is basic for a good and balanced handstand.

Video 4: Introducing movements (Part II)

In this video from the second part of the program, we consider that you already master the basics (part I), but just a small reminder: you should try to keep a good shape, and avoid walking or losing balance. Also keep your shoulders close to the ears, and the hips inside. Try to mount each exercice as you can. If you want to increase the difficulty, try to mount with a press. Good luck!

0:15 Semi to close movement

In this first exercice, you start from a line handstand and open slightly your legs to the sides (50cm more or less), and close them slowly to a line handstand again. Try to move as smooth as possible. You can eventually increase the speed of your legs. Don’t forget to focus on your hips here (to the inside) while having your legs open.

5 times: 10 repetitions

0:38 Close to open movement

This time, the movement consists in bringring your legs to a spagat position (front split): your legs should open till the level of your hips more or less, and you come back slowly to a line handstand. Always focusing on rotating the legs to an external position in order to avoid arching your back!

3 times: 10 repetitions

1:05 Tuck to line movement

Here, the movement won’t be on the sides, so your balance is going to change quite much: from a straight line handstand position, legs together, bring both of your knees to your chest. Try to avoid separating your knees during the whole exercice. While going back into the straight line position, bring your hips to the inside.

3 times: 10 repetitions

1:54 Tuck to open movement

This time, you can start from a tuck position handstand (you can also start from the open position if needed): from there you bring both legs at the same time and directly to an open legs position (front split). Don’t forget to rotate your legs to the outside in order to avoid arching your back. While you are bringing back your knees into the tuck position, try to get the closest possible to your chest.

3 times: 10 repetitions

2:30 Line-open-tuck movement

Here, the idea is to combine a straight line, an open position (front split), and a tuck to line movement all together. You can start from a handstand with both legs tucked to the chest, then open your legs rotating externally, and bring your legs up to a line handstand. You just did a first repetition. Keep in mind that you should avoid arching the back when going from open to line, otherwise you are going to fall!

3 times: 10 repetitions

> What’s next?

You just finished the first video of part II, we hope you’re going to master movements soon! You still have a session to follow to finish the whole program, stay tuned:


Video 1: Body Alignment & Conditioning

Video 2: Techniques on the ground

Video 3: Using a wall


Video 4: Introducing movements

Video 5: Starting from the ground

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