Chiara Congia & Justin van Gerven will compete at the FEI World Vaulting Pas de Deux Championships for Germany. Get to know them in our mini interview!

1. Who are your team members?

Horse: Highlight & Eyecatcher Lunger: Alexandra Knauf

2. How did you experience the qualification process? What were your challenges on the way to the Championships?

We competed on Eyecatcher during the qualification process. It was a little bit of work to get used to a new horse on the competitions but Eyecatcher and Alex did a great job and helped us a lot. For the Championships we will compete on Highlight again.

3. What was your best (or funniest) vaulting moment? 

We try to make every training a little bit fun. So nothing special;)

4. What do you expect from the World Championships 2022? What are your goals?

We think it will be a big adventure to compete in Herning in this great Arena and against so many great vaulter from around the world. We will try to show our best and finish as good as possible.To have an amazing and competitive experience in both pas de deux and squad with our lungers horses and coaches.

5. What’s your freestyle theme 2022 and why?

Black Magic Woman

7. Any news or announcements for the Vaulting World? 

Not now 😉