Bestelle unseren Voltigierkalender 2023 jetzt schon vor! Er ist mit den besten Bildern bestückt, die wir diese Saison gemacht haben, z.B. auf den Weltmeisterschaften 😍

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Vaulting on a bike: The new vaulting trend

Horses and their maintenance are expensive and most vaulters have experienced times when they don’t have a horse. Some insiders of our sport (we cannot mention them yet) have told us that they made a proposal: To include vaulting on a bike instead of on a horse in competitions. This new vaulting trend would facilitate many vaulters to compete on a moving item and to improve their balance.


BLEYER Volti-Magic at Equitana 2019

Last Sunday we had the chance to visit the BLEYER Volti-Magic Show at Equitana 2019 in Essen (Germany). We had a great time and would like to tell you more about this stunning event and share some impressions in this article!


Vaulting Competitions 2019

The season 2019 is about to start and many exciting events are waiting for vaulting fans this year. We have prepared a monthly overview of important vaulting competitions 2019 for you:Weiterlesen

Vaulting in the Olympics?

It has been a dream of many vaulters, and it’s getting closer to a reality: we might see vaulting in the Youth Olympics Games (YOG) soon. If you wonder how, keep reading!


WEG Tryon 2018: Day 3 – Gold for the Italian Pas De Deux and Tech Tests

The brilliant Pas De Deux Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini from Italy moved everybody yesterday night at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon: Apparently, they didn’t expect to reach the gold medal but they actually made history for their country, being the first Italians to reach it at FEI World Equestrian Games™ with a final score of 9.027, and after a very high level battle with the other competitors. Their samba/salsa energizing routine was perfectly executed on their beautiful horse Rosentolz 99 lunged by Laura Carnabuci.