A new CVI will take place 2019: CVI Scandiano, which will be held at Circolo Ippico Lo Stradello in a small village on the hills around Reggio Emilia, in the middle north of Italy, from 16th to 17th of March 2019. Read on to know more about this new event on the international schedule!

Michela Callegari, coach and owner of the vaulting club I Pioppo in Campogalliano (near Modena, Italy), is partly organizing the CVI and keeps us up to date about everything you need to know about this new CVI1*, also open for Children and Juniors.

> Where will the CVI Scandiano take place?

In the beginning the CVI Scandiano was scheduled in a bigger club, but then there were problems with the council of the club, so they had to find another place. Lo Stradello, where it will take place now, doesn’t have vaulting in their activities, but they had already organized some vaulting competitions in the past.

On the venue there is an indoor arena, which is big enough to guest the competition plus 2 more circles. The rest of the warm up will be outside in the nearby dressage arena and it will be possible to ride the horses in the show jumping outside arena.

> Who organizes the event?

The official organizer is Melanie Gruber, a rider who already helped Michela to organize a vaulting event last year, she is very professional and her husband is Stefano Gobbi who used to organize big show jumping events.

> Do you have support from your National Federation to organize the event?

“I asked the Federation about the possibility to have this small event because in the other bigger  CVI in Italy (Portogruaro) young and inexperienced have difficulties to get the qualifications for the 2* since in the 1* competition there are too many competitors, which makes it difficult for everyone to perform well. So I wanted to offer a competition where younger ones can enjoy”, states Michela.

“Another point is that Italian judges are not well considered (but this is politics!), so they are not allowed to judge in Portogruaro (they could judge the 1*), and the Federation appreciated that we will have 3 Italian judges plus the foreign judge. The judges will be Cynthia Danvers (NED), Cinzia Vasta, Serena Sfriso and Giusy Rocco from Italy.”

> How do you finance the event?

“To finance the event we organize also a national competition and both the National Federation and the regional will help us with some money (we don’t know exactly how much). Melanie is trying to find some sponsors and some already gave nice prizes.”

> What about vaulting in Italy in general?

It’s hard to define, because we have world champions and a lot of walk classes, but it’s hard to keep up with the middle ones. Geographically the regions with more clubs are Tuscany and Veneto, in my region (Emilia Romagna) and Lombardy there are only two clubs, around Rome a couple, one in Sicily and a three in Liguria (around Genova). In every region there are always activities to present the discipline but the when they really want to start they are stopped by the expenses of the material and the knowledge you need to start a club and start competing, so after clinics, courses and various activities only few young ones try to start from 0!

If you want to be part of CVI Scandiano, you can find the schedule online on the FEI website. The deadline for the entries is the 1st of March 2019. The organizing committee is looking forward to many entries from all around the world! 🙂