We have exciting news for you: Vaulting World and Vaulting Academy have teamed up to offer you an amazing discount on all courses and programs available on Vaulting Academy 😍 Below you’ll find all information and the promo code!
But first of all, we would like to present you the project Vaulting Academy and the team behind. We have talked to the founder and internationally known trainer Nienke de Wolff.

What is the Vaulting Academy?

Vaulting Academy is a videoplatform with tons of information available about vaulting. We have two tracks about compulsory exercises, one about lunging, freestyle exercises and with workouts and masterclasses. Our aim is to spread knowledge around the world. Everywhere on the internet you can find something but for beginners or medium-advanced vaulters and coaches it’s hard to find a place with knowledge about everything. And that’s how the idea starten about vaulting academy. We just try to collect all the available knowledge around the world to make it easily available for everybody.
You’ll find a lot of ‘how-to’ video’s about the exercises, common problems are discussed and for all the exercises we’ve created an exercise sheet about how to train it.

Who’s the team behind?

I’m the founder of the platform, my name is Nienke de Wolff from the Netherlands and I’m an international lunger and coach.

Together with Heleen Brans and Aleksandra Mazinska we’ve made all the content for the platform. Both are international vaulters and licenced trainers as well.

How did you come up with the idea?

Well, it was in my head for a while already. The world is changing and the internet is a hype. For all other equestrian disciplines there are plenty of online platforms to subscribe to get access to knowledge, but for vaulting there isn’t much available. If we want our sport to grow, we should make sure we can share the knowledge, make it available for those who can’t have clinicians all the time and can’t join international trainings. For those who have no clue what’s available in the world. Of course the international people spread knowledge fast, we train with each other, we compete with each other and news and knowledge travels fast in those regions of society. But for the clubs, vaulters, trainers who just love the sport, compete regionally and don’t have access to that knowledge for THEM we build this vaulting academy.

What do you offer on your platform?

Vaulters can watch the videos, learn more about technique or join the workouts. Trainers can get inspiration for their training, gain their knowledge and improve their own quality of training. Actually it’s up to you what you want, you can follow the whole course or just take pieces out of it. There’s just a bunch of information on it, we divided it into ‘topics’ to make it easier to find something if you’re looking for a specific exercise.It’s an ongoing process, we’re never finished with the platform, we’ll always add content during the years. We try to get many other trainers/vaulters involved in it, so they can share their knowledge with the rest of the vaulting community. It’s not a substitute for regular training! See it as an add-on!

Photo: Daniel Ellwanger

Is the platform suitable for all levels and countries?

Yes, but for the moment we focus on the beginners / beginning-competition level vaulters. So we don’t focus on those who’re in the higher levels of the sport. We’ve built the platform in Dutch and English. Dutch because it’s an official course for Dutch Trainers and we like to support the Dutch vaulting scene. And English to make it available for everybody in the world. We’re currently translating it into German and French, but as people can understand that’s a massive amount of work so we hope we can have it available in those languages during this year! We try to explain everything the easy way, so it’s understandable for everybody.

What plans do you have with the platform?

Well, as written above we want to have it available in more languages, we’re currently negotiating with some national federations to make it accessible for their trainers for education program. Beside that we’re working on some ongoing masterclasses with specific trainers, we’re working on a book and some training materials are in production (work-out sheets, exercise sheets, games, etc. to use during the training) and we have one special product in production but that’s a secret 🙂


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If you have any questions please feel free to Kontaktiere uns gerne, or the Vaulting Academy team!