Have you ever joined a vaulting summer camp? If the answer is no, it’s time to change this! We have talked to Gero Meyer from GMSports who has been organizing summer camps in Sweden for some years now. Find out what makes this vaulting camp special in this article!

1. How did you come up with the idea of organizing summer camps in Sweden?

First of all, thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my idea within your community!

I moved to Sweden in 2010 as I was still performing on world championships myself. My heart never stopped beating for this great sport and I wanted to share my experiences and my idea of vaulting. During my 25 years of actively vaulting I often had to miss out on vacation just to be able to continue training. In Sweden I found myself surrounded with the most beautiful nature. Tourists would come here to spend their holidays. This gave me the idea to put up a training camp for all vaulters that would love to work out hard, but still don’t want to miss out on a great vacation adventure. And it turned out to be amazing! The feedback my crew and me are getting is amazing. The great smiles and the large excited eyes of the athletes is reward enough to continuously organize the camp in Sweden, which I did ever since and probably will do for quite some additional years.

Photo: GMSports

2. Please tell us who forms part of your team at the moment.

It is the best crew possible that surrounds me! It definitely would not work without them! They are responsible, sensible, reliable, fun, quick, enthusiastic, lovely, compassionate and spread joy to everyone. My crew is simply incredible!

There is Kathi, Wiebke, Max, Esther and Steffi who will be there for the participants throughout the entire time of the camp. No matter if it is day or night, you as participant will find a helping hand at any time.

Photo: GMSports

3. When and where are the next camps or clinics?

You find all information about the upcoming camps on my homepage GMSports.
The next will be the summer camp in Sweden, 5th to 11th of August 2019.

Photo: GMSports

4. What makes your camps special?

We have created an adventurous training event. We all stay in a scout house that is located right at a lake. It’s amazing sceneries combined with excellent trainers and a huge gymnastic hall for exercising close by. Participants will experience Sweden and training of its finest. Further we are placing the participants into different training groups, which allows the trainer to choose the training intensity according to the level of the group. This way everyone is able to join, high-level vaulters as well as beginners.   

Photo: GMSports

5. Who are the coaches at your summer camp this year?

Chris and Frank for parcours & gymnastics, Philipp and Venja for acrobatics & handstands, Esther for expression & entertainment, Ann for expression & vaulting and me, I will take care of vaulting as well. The maximum of 40 participants are taken care of by at least 7 trainers and 4 crew members. The participants will be well looked after. Join it and be exited for all challenges we got for you!

6. What’s a typical day like at the camp?

06:00-07:00 am Morning run (if you want to) – believe me, it´s a great experience!
07:00-08:30 am Breakfast
08:30-10:00 am Session 1
10:20-11:50 am Session 2
11:50-13:20 pm Lunch
13:20-14:50 pm Session 3
15:10-16:40 pm Session 4
17:00-18:00 pm Late afternoon workout
18:00-19:30 pm Dinner
20:00-22:00 pm Entertainment, such as barn fire, music, games, or just relaxing. Just as the participants wish.

Photo: GMSports

Every participant is getting 2 to 3 training sessions in different courses plus the morning run and the late afternoon workout.

Courses we offer are:
• MOVIE – training on a cantering barrel
• Parcours – jumping and landing with precision
• Acrobatics – basic and advanced challenges
• Handstand – its worth an own session
• Gymnastics & higher dismounts
• Expression, dance & artistic
• Mount – and how to get up
• Clicks –swinging with courage into handstand
• Flag – power of a base
• Balance and workout on a stand-up-paddle-board
• Stretching

Photo: GMSports

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to meet other crazy vaulters, have fun and train at the same time during a little holiday!
Thank you to Gero Meyer for those insights!

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