South Africa is looking for a motivated vaulting coach for the next months! We have talked to Chelsey Gertenbach to know how vaulting in South Africa is like and what you can expect there!

> About vaulting in South Africa

Vaulting started before 2000, but the sport first took off in 2005 after the first international coach came to South Africa. At the moment, there are approximately six vaulting clubs in the whole country teaching around 150 vaulters in total. To promote the sport further they try to do demonstrations when they have the opportunity and get more interest in vaulting. 

The goal is to increase the number of vaulters and awareness of vaulting to the general public in South Africa and continue to prepare young vaulters for international competitions.

> About RIBA Stables

RIBA Stables is a family friendly riding and vaulting school for all levels and all ages located near Johannesburg. The club has really good vaulting facilities – a great training area with a lot equipment, five vaulting horses, an indoor arena and talented, motivated kids aged between 8 – 22. 

A lot of high level vaulters and judges come to RIBA stables to give clinics. But in general, South Africa needs more knowledgeable coaches and lungers to take the discipline to the next level.

> What RIBA Stables is looking for

In order to develop vaulting in South Africa they are looking for a vaulting coach for the next 3 or more months. Lunging experience would be good but isn’t compulsory. Training times would bee maximum two lessons a day – so plenty of free time for outrides, hobbies or a Bachelor-/ Master-/ Doctor Thesis. If you’re interested you would also have the opportunity to ride and work with the (vaulting) horses during the day. Accommodation and salary will be discussed if you’re interested. To get more information feel free to look at their facebook page: RIBA Stables or contact them directly via

We are sure it would be an amazing opportunity to teach those talented kids and discover beautiful South Africa! 🙂