We have gathered some more DIY training material ideas for your vaulting training at home. With some small tricks you can easily diversify your workouts. Here are 5 easy DIY training equipment ideas for vaulters! 

1. Yoga Blocks

With yoga blocks are a very versatile tool and cannot exclusively be used for yoga but also for strength training. A stack of books is a great alternative and can even be adjusted in height. Place each foot on a stack of books and do your push-ups. You’ll notice that they are more exhausting.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to add intensity to your workout. But if you don’t have them at hand, luckily, bungee cords can provide a great workout, too. Double- or triple-up on cords to increase resistance.

3. Wrist / Ankle Weights

Fill a clean sock with dried beans for a light weight, with pebbles or small craft stones for a heavier weight. Sew or tape the open end of the sock. Then sew the ends together or sew Velcro on them so that you can easily remove them.

Use a scale to adjust the weight. Fill the sock as much as you want based on the weight, then cut off the excess fabric. Use a larger sock if you want to make heavier weights but the material doesn’t fit.

Make sure to choose a sock that is long enough that it can be wrapped around your wrist or ankle. 

4. Slide Pads

Sliding pads are little circular discs that you can use for exercises to strengthen your core, arms and glutes. Placing them under your hands and feet can allow you to slide through different motions.

Your low-budget alternative are paper plates or small carpet pieces to do your sliding exercises.

5. Kettlebells

Similar to your water bottle weights from part I of this article, you can turn your empty detergent bottles that have two handles into a DIY kettlebell. Fill it with sand, beans, rice or stones depending on the desired weight. 

Have fun crafting and show us your results by tagging us on Instagram! Have you built more stuff you can use as home gym equipment? Let us know! We would love to add your ideas!